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LIO token making sports more famous for every one. With LIO token we are supporting all kids for sports. LIO will be a strong digital asset for players and investors. Lio Token Cryptocurrency , eager to reach new audiences and push further into the mainstream, are quickly becoming some of the biggest advertisers and sponsors in sports.

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What is LIO TOKEN?

Currently, assets are circulated through intermediaries under the control of regulatory agencies. On the one side are consumers and the goods and services providers.

LIO Sports is a Swiss startup that seeks the integration of new technologies with soccer,seeking to create a fairer, more competitive and productive environment.

Formed by advertisers, computer engineers and lawyers, it has closely followed blockchain development worldwide.

We are passionate for soccer and we have been presenting our solution in a passionate way in events,pitches, startups roundtables and LIO Sports was selected as one of 20 finalists among 700 competitors. The pitch presentation happened in the Future Blockchain Summit 2022 in Dubai.

We use new technologies to create a soccer’s scenario of high performance and equality.

Thanks to LIO, cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens are now connected to the sports industry.




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Token Name - leonidasbilic

Token Symbol -LIO

Total Supply - 1,000,000 LIO

Decimal - 18

Smart Contract - 0xbCc608002765339db153d07250D516bc4356531b

Official Site -